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Media Buying Manager at Tolaram Group

Location: Nigeria

Job Description

  • To manage media buying for multiple brands under our portfolio while bringing a high level of efficiency and maintaining maximum efficacy.

Core Deliverables:

  • To manage media buying across TV and radio platforms for multiple brands assuring maximum value for all brands and ensuring that it matches their exact requirements
  • Establish the group as one of the leading buyers of media and hence command a higher negotiation power as compared to each individual brand
  • To use regional trends insights on media consumption habits of consumers(different for each brand’s Target Group) to build the most effective plan for the brand
  • Prove visible value in terms of cost saving made on each and every individual plan
  • Critically analyse the relationship between share of voice, share of expenditure and share of market while also including other elements like Top Of Mind Awareness (TG), TOM ad and message recall
  • Build and negotiate product placement plans based on relevance for each brand across all upcoming TV shows and develop a calendar well in advance to fit into the production schedule.

Other Job Functions/Detailing

  • Analysis on costing- To do a post analysis on every deal/media plan made to prove efficiency of the plan (As against the objective of a particular deployment of media plan/communication, why the stations selected were selected, what were the local insights/station rankings and how is the plan meeting reach and frequency objectives across the desired TG.
  •  Analysis on impact – To run post analysis on the impact of media plan (Share of voice vs share of expenditure vs share of market), how has the brand recall, advert recall and message recall changed?
  • Vigilance/Media Watch- Weekly report/newsletter on media space (across categories, which brands are most active with what campaign/material) and how it could be affecting our existing brands to be sent to all stakeholders
  • Product placements – Spot product placement opportunities on all TV shows and segment them based on each brand’s TG for build a calendar for each brand in line with their quarter expectations and targets
  • Value Added Deals – Ensure value added deals for additional benefits for all brands like squeeze backs, logo flashes and propose other innovative elements to dominate our brands on the media space

Job Requirements / Qualifications

  • Good to have Master’s in Business Administration/Specialized education in marketing/analytics
  • Must have – Previous experience in marketing/media industry.

Personal Skills:

  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • The vigilant eye to spot the maximum opportunities
  • Keen interest in TV programmes and knowledge of budding trends.
  • Good planning skills.

How to Apply

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