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Enumerator – Data Collection at Save The Children

Job ID: 190000F2
Locations: Lagos and Kaduna
Employee Status: Fixed Term
Slots: 122 Openings (40 in Lagos and 82 in Kaduna)

Objectives of the Activity:
The primary objective of the activity collect is to:

  • Collect names and contact information of pregnant women and mothers of children under 2 years so as to track and encourage defaulting caregivers to access and take up IYCF and other essential child related services.
  • Utilise mother listing information to reinforce IYCF messages received from HFs and community service providers amongst caregivers in the communities.
  • Utilise mother listing information to strengthen community mobilization strategy using Alive and Thrive project engaged ward level Community Mobilization Volunteers (CMVs).


  • SC has designed an electronic data collection form pre-coded with the LGAs, ward, location and data source details to which caregivers’ information will be entered
  • The form will be utilized by a team of data collectors to be trained and deployed to all A&T project supported health facilities and TBAs to collect the required information from the ANC registers, General Attendance register and TBA pregnant women records.

Questionnaire Design:

  • The data collection form will be deployed via smartphones and is available on laptops as well. It has been developed with the support of the CO IT team based on the above objectives and have followed series of reviews before its finalization.

Enumerators Requirements
For the purpose of this activity, 122 Enumerators (40 in Lagos and 82 in Kaduna) will be engaged in both states to conduct the data collection. The criteria for the selection of enumerators include:

  • Ability to read and write in English.
  • O’ Level / SSCE education
  • Possession of a functional smartphone.
  • Proven ability to use / experience with online data collection tools e.g. Kobo-collect, Survey Monkey, Survey-Togo, etc.

Data Collation and Reporting:

  • The data will be collected electronically using the designed form on smartphone / laptops. The Data Assistants will download the collected data, check and validate with snapshots or hardcopies of the source documents from randomly selected health facilities and TBAs in all LGAs to verify and highlight outlier data for cleanup.

Expected Outputs:

  • At the end of the activity, project will have a valid and comprehensive list of names and contact details of eligible caregivers in the project coverage wards.

How to apply

Interested and qualified candidates should apply here

Important Notice: A selection form have been attached to capture more details about you and your preffered location. Please fill and re-attach. This is compulsory.

Deadline: 8th Marc 2019

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